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Report about our artibonds in the current FineArtPrinter magazine

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We are very happy to have a report in the beloved FineArtPrinter. And then in such a strong edition….

Here is the report: FineArtPrinter4_17_Artidomo.pdf (1825 downloads)

Thanks to Hermann Will for the flowers. In the meantime, we have been able to reduce prices through new technology.

to the artibonds

Those who have not yet subscribed should do so for the sake of their photography:

Pictures of an exhibition – Ralf Scherer – Focus Man

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On 08.10.2017 Ralf Scherer opened his Street-Photography exhibition “Fokus Mensch” in the rooms of the photo club ObjektivArt96.

The exceptional artist shows almost 50 photographs of the last years of his work behind acrylic, which fits perfectly with his paintings. The pictures, taken almost exclusively abroad, show a wonderfully developed visual language and almost every picture makes you say “wow”.

In addition to an incredibly creative depth of the works, the emotional level is also perfectly served. The result is an incredible and breathtaking collection of an artist who, with his humble and empathetic manner, captivates many personally, and is able to infect the photographers among the participants with his enthusiasm.

The exhibition will be open to the public for a few more weeks on Wednesdays from 7 pm. A visit is an absolute must for anyone who likes photography and especially street photography.

Location: ObjektivArt96 e.V., Rüsbergstr. 70 in Witten,

Ralf Scherer limits all works to 10 pieces and certifies them with the Hahnemühle certificates.

I am very much looking forward to the further development and will observe the surely steeply growing career.

#rallebuzz –

Author: Alexander Scheubly

Video and slideshow under “read more

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Pay now with amazon payments at artidomo

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Pay now with your Amazon account !

In addition to PayPal and SOFORTüberweisung, we now offer AmazonPayments as an additional payment option.

As soon as you have added an item to the shopping cart, the button “Pay with Amazon” will appear.

– No customer account necessary
– No address input necessary
– Fastest way to order

New introduction: Tecco Photoboards PLB550 Luster Semi Gloss

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The new star in the Tecco sky: The posterboard PLB550 semi gloss

No more mounting required – print directly on the heavy poster boards. The Luster surface is applied to a very dimensionally stable carrier and can be printed directly with modern fine art printers.

Our video presentation of the Tecoo Photo Boards can be found at

Whether you pass the board directly, frame it for example or use it for a meeting: No more laminating / mounting necessary.

Tecco photoboards are available in A4, A3, A3+, A2, A1, 55x75cm, 76,2 x 101,60cm at

To be able to process the boards, your printer must be able to feed paper flat without much bending. For example, with the Epson 3880 / P600 / P800, you can use the front fine art feeder for this purpose.

Please set the roller / printhead gap to wide.

As ICC profile please use the one of the tecco PL285 Luster.