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Cardboard tube for posters and fine art prints

We paid a lot of money to find the perfect packaging. All corrugated cardboard packaging failed. If in the DHL distribution center z. For example, if a box called poster packaging has arrived at the bottom of the parcel chute, and a box weighing 31.5 kg moves up, this box is briefly deformed so badly that the print inside was creased. Most of the time you can’t even see it in the box. The experience for your customer, who might want to give away your print in the next few days, is more than just negative.

That is why using our 2.1mm square shipping tube is more than just a good investment. Visually, it does not suffer as much as a corrugated cardboard box, which increases the customer’s unpacking experience. Due to the square shape, there is also no surcharge at DHL for the round shape.

square, incl. Sealing cap. 407 g
30 g plastic lid (PE)
377 g hard cardboard
Length with lids – approx. 64.2 cm
Carton length 63.6cm, width and height 10cm
Inside length approx. 60.5 cm, inside width and height 9.4 cm

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Cardboard tube Length 116cm x 9.4 x 9.4 cm
Dates to follow

Frame box prices

Frame packing for DIN A3

Frame packing for 30×40 frame

Frame packing for 45×60 frame & DIN A2 frame

Frame packing for the 50×70

Frame packing for the 60×80 frames

Special cardboard for 1 cup

double-walled, licensed, cup comes with 2 cardboard stars kept inside. (Only one star is used in the picture)
Incl. 10g strapping tape, 140x140x100 mm, brown

2 boxes can be joined with strapping (+ 20g strapping)
No further filling material required!
Weight follows

Shipping bag mouse pad, merchandise mail shipping possible,
Weight 68g

Shipping weight calculation

You can find the weights of our boxes in the fees annex.

You can easily calculate the weights of the papers using the volume weight.