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This information does not constitute legal advice, it is only our opinion / recommendation.

We have had very positive experiences with the legal texts of the IT law firm . We have already made hundreds of personal recommendations.

The law firm specializes in the automatic creation and transmission of legal texts for shops and blogs.

Whether imprint, revocation, terms and conditions and data protection: the transfer runs automatically via an interface and is available for most shops or billbee.

After logging in, you can configure the legal texts using checklists. The services, plugins, payment providers, etc. that you use are activated.

The PDFs are also generated that are sent to the customer by email after the order has been placed.

We will soon be creating a video on integration and configuration.

If you z. B. operates a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account on business, you can use the system to store the required imprint and data protection guidelines there.

Legal texts are also provided for marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Co.

Different language versions are available on request.

As a customer, there are many recommendations for action for legally secure business transactions in the portal.

You can optionally book an audit there for about 300 €, then an in-depth review of the shop is carried out and the whole thing is certified with a seal for more customer trust.

We have z. B. an „all you can eat“ account and protect our many web projects without paying extra for each one.

There are also many useful free or discounted partner services available, such as: B. a free customer evaluation system (ShopVote).

We are happy if you order via our recommendation link there, the account for a shop costs around 10 € / month: