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Print (let print) correctly with ICC profiles

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Download the illustrated article as PDF:

It is worthwhile to learn something about color management before printing.

Using color management only in some areas will not lead to perfect results when outputting to your own printer or to a service provider.

Only when you consistently practice color management throughout the entire processing chain (workflow) will you achieve high-quality results.

Deviation of the printing colors from the monitor

It is a common misconception that if you have a calibrated display and a Read More

NEW at artidomo: Mirage printer software

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The many dialogs and settings during printing offer enough possibilities to be confronted with careless mistakes again and again.

Even if you think it’s aimed at professionals, just starting the software Mirage (Win,Mac) or Printao8 (Mac) ensures an extremely low frustration level.

You choose the media and size and the print comes out of the printer exactly where you want it.

You also no longer have to worry about other settings.

Also, with most printers, this also removes the format limitations, which even allows panoramic printing with format printers.

To the store:
The best thing to do is to take a look at the two types of software at our printclass in Bochum, a printing seminar for max. 4 participants.
Info at printclass.

Straighten roll paper – DeRoller self-made

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Roll paper has a strong curvature after printing, which is difficult to further process. To tame the paper, roll it up against the direction of travel.

We only use the deroller on very strong recalcitrant papers, as we suspect that this bending may not be good for the print in the long run.
But others may judge here.

Most derollers cost but from a certain size quickly over 300€. We show here an inexpensive alternative.

What you need: (material depending on quality and dimension around 80€.

z. B.: Stainless steel V2A, 42.4cm diameter, 2.0 mm thickness, mirror polished, V2A, AISI 304, up to 1500 mm length.
With the supplier mentioned below, you can determine the length yourself:
Item no.: RR-424P.1
In our configuration it cost 23€.

On request 2 end caps for 5,36€
Item no.: MD_30011_AK

Vinyl, length as desired, about 18€ depending on length and width.
z. B.

The challenge will be to get a smaller piece of vinyl, since a whole roll doesn’t pay off.

Double-sided adhesive tape, extra strong, thin
z. e. g. 3m:

Parcel tape, vinyl!!!
Glass cleaner
Velcro tape (We are still looking for a self-snapping tape like Epson used to sell as an add-on.

Place end caps straight and evenly on the pipe and drive in firmly and evenly with a rubber mallet. Do not tilt the end piece or it will be difficult to get it out again.

Degrease pipe with glass cleaner.

Cut vinyl straight and align on a table. Coated side up, as this sticks better.

Apply double-sided adhesive tape straight. Let end 1cm before the end of the vinyl edge.

Place the tube at the end of the vinyl and roll it onto the vinyl so that there is only a 1 cm edge. Press firmly and allow to set for a few minutes.

Then use the parcel tape to secure the edge of the vinyl. Press firmly. It is best to degrease again before gluing. Cut off any excess adhesive tape.

Roll up tube about 3 turns and then draw a good visible line with a ruler. This will be the maximum unwind length so that no tape can be pressed through.

Remove the bulge from the roll paper:

Unroll the deroller according to the print length.

Place the well-dried print on the vinyl against the bending direction.

Cover (underlay) printed side overlapping with inexpensive paper (e.g. 90g CAD paper) so that nothing sticks to the vinyl.

Carefully roll up and secure the rolled up deroller with Velcro.

Maintain this position for between 2 and 30 minutes, depending on the paper.


NEW at artidomo: Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta 320

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Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta 320 paper, originally known as Gloss Baryta 320 from the Harman by Hahnemühle line, is now available with a new, improved coating in the Hahnemühle Photo line.

The bright white 100% α-cellulose paper is a true baryta paper with a particularly smooth, high-gloss surface. The improved coating formulation ensures a homogeneous surface and meets all requirements for an excellent print result with high density and wide color gamut.
We have also mounted the paper on our artibonds as a panorama. However, the reflection is already borderline with this surface depending on the installation location and lighting situation. As an alternative in such situations, we recommend Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 or, even more, Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin.
Under „read more“ you are live:

Read More

Presentation of Hahnemühle Bamboo paper

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Even though I am glad that nowadays there is a very wide range of papers in the
FineArt area, the more difficult it is to find one’s favorite papers for the different types of motifs. And I am already increasingly concerned with the topic because of my wife’s store. All the more valuable are tips from friends, in this case from my colleague Jochen, who recommended Hahnemühle’s Bamboo to me. Since Marina has only had it in the range for a few days, it was obvious to order and test this. Hahnemühle’s FineArt Baryta has long been one of my favorite papers, along with Tecco Baryta.

The feel of the paper is very firm and pleasant to the touch. The fine grain is very noble and the finest details can be seen. Hahnemühle calls the medium a destination for spiritual black and white photography:

Data: 290 g/m² – 90% bamboo fibers – 10% cotton – natural white

„Hahnemühle Bamboo is the world’s first digital FineArt InkJet paper made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo stands for spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. It is especially suitable for warm-toned color and monochrome prints that particularly emphasize the sensuality of the motifs.“

The pictures shown are taken with extreme side light to give an impression of the structure. Of course, the effect is not as strong in normal lighting.

The smallest quantity is 10 sheets in A4 format – is well suited for extended testing. Other formats include A3,A3+A2 and various roll formats.

Link to the section at artidomo Shop: Bamboo paper

Overall, it will be part of artidomo’s permanent paper stock with immediate effect, alongside tecco’s BWR300/305 pure cotton paper.

Marina will also include it in A4 format as a printing service.

Hahnemühle Portfolio Boxes

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Some time ago I tried to get one from the last edition of Hahnemühle Portfolio Box Sets. But unfortunately, all the offers that still had it listed were only with shortages.

Now Hahnemühle has reissued the set with 3 different types of paper, each with 50 A3+ sheets. There are still a few cotton gloves, unfortunately not for my 9 1/2 er hands. But you have them in the house anyway.

Also included in the set are separator sheets and certificates with holograms. Probably intended more to get to know in the small number of pieces.

I was surprised when my wife received the boxes today. Very heavy the single box, and this is not only due to the paper. The box is really sturdily designed and with noble surface.

Certainly not a replacement for a mobile folder, but if you want to present or archive prints on site just right.

Also a great gift. Link to the store: click

From motif to print

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From image to print.

The conversion was done in SilverEfex Pro 2 and 2 local UPoints.
The depths were slightly colored to take the harshness out of the image and better match the print.

elipseIn Lightroom, the light distribution was reset with elliptical masks.

Printed with PrinTao8 on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta. The great grain of the fine-art baryta fits great and supports the image effect.

MacOS overwrites ICC profiles

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Unfortunately, since some MacOS versions the ColorSync can’t be switched off anymore, you have to install a generic bridge profile and store it with the respective profile, so that ColorSync doesn’t change the colors again that you have created with your specific ICC profiles.

To do this, download the Generic ICC Profile from, unzip it and save it under the path Hard Disk Library ColorSync Profiles.

Then, under Utilities, open the ColorSync utility and under Devices, click on the small arrow for its printer in the respective profiles, then click on „other“ and select the Generic RGB icc.

AppVideo on the subject:

Certificates and edition control for your photo prints

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Photographers who want to exhibit images or sell works can increase the value and authenticity of the prints by issuing certificates.

Hahnemühle has produced a handmade paper that is well suited to this purpose. It is equipped with a Hahnemühle watermark.

However, the hologram stickers make the whole thing round. Here are two pieces each executed with the same serial number. One is glued on the certificate, and the other matching on the print.

This means that the certificate can always be clearly assigned to the print.

As an option, you can also register the work on a platform from Hahnemühle. ->

Please click on the pictures on the right to enlarge them.

You can find the set to print yourself in the artidomo store: click

On the basis of this product we offer a certificate issuance by us, in which we note and ensure the circulation strength reported by the photographer.

We laminate a counterpart of the certificate on the back of the artibond, on which all the data is noted again in addition to the edition number, and indicate the control with our signature.

In addition, the certificate and the sections on the artibond are still embossed with our logo.

This entire process emphasizes the value of your prints and helps you market your work.

The prices depend on the print run and will be published in the next few days.