We will probably have the plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify ready in mid-April. That will simplify everything again.

This page is certainly a bit difficult to understand, please book a consultation appointment directly online. This is done either by phone, zoom or our remote maintenance tool:


The possible options for generating shipping labels

1. Address data via online form on artidomo.eu – thus label creation via our DHL account – copy data into Nextcloud

Transmission of the customer address

You fill out an online form on our website with your customer address and order number, and we will print the shipping label.

Transmission of the image data

You copy the image data to our cloud storage. We use our own cloud instance, which is located directly on our servers (Nextcloud). We’ll provide you with one detailed instructions ready for it. You can under https://www.nextcloud.com/install download the version. After the installation you will find a folder in the Explorer or Finder into which you can copy your order files. Please pay attention to the file name and format requirements below.


With this version, your sender is on the label.

2. Address data via our billbee account – DHL via us – data via cloud storage

Transmission of the customer address

The customer data is read in via an interface (Billbee). We will pass the costs of 15 € / month and 0.07 € / per order transferred by Billbee on to you. Our DHL account is stored in Billbee and all shipping labels are generated with it. In addition, Billbee automatically changes the status of your order in your shop.

Shop and marketplaces that can be integrated via billbee: (as of 02.2021)

Amazon Shop, avocadostore, Cdiscount Shop, ebay Shop, Emerondo, Etsy Shop. FairFox Shop, Used.de Shop, Hood Shop, idealo.de Direct Purchase, Kasuwa Shop, Kayamo Shop, Limango, NotOnTheHighStreet Shop, productswithlove Shop, Rakuten Shop, real.de, selekkt-Shop, sleekshop, sugartrends, Werky, Wish, Yatego, Azoo, big cartel, commerce-seoV3, cs.cart, ECWID, ePages (e.g. Strato, Hosteurope), Flow, Gambio GX3, Interaktiv, Inventorum, Jimdo, Lightspeed, Magneto 2, Qpencart, QXID, PayPal Shop , Presta, Serverspot, Shopify, Shopware, Squarespace, VersaCommerce, Wix, Shop, WooCommerce, xtCommerce, osCommerce, Zentcart, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets, own Billbee webshop.

Sender %Firma% on the label

If you would like your own sender to appear on the label, we will set up an additional shipping channel in our Billbee account and store your address in a DHL sub-account.

The costs on the part of Billbee, which we will pass on to you, are € 10 / month for the shipping channel.

3. Your own shop or software generates the shipping labels, which you provide to us as PDFs in the cloud

Here you put your z. B. from the shipping labels generated by the shop and the image files. No further costs.

4. Own DHL account – own Billbee account

You connect your shop or marketplace via your own Billbee account. You save your DHL account and set up us as a user on Billbee (with limited rights, if you like). If you have products that are not fulfilled by us, you can, for example, automatically tag orders with an artidomo tag.

We will then create the shipping labels with your Billbee account.