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Print on demand AluDibond || Plexiglas


We laminate a fine art print on a 3mm AluDibond® plate and apply a 3mm Plexiglas®.

The suspension can be done by mirror plates, aluminum or steel frames, holes or completely without.

  • Very high depth effect and brilliant colors.
  • Your photo is concealed behind 3mm thick Plexiglas.
  • The colors are protected for a long time by the high UV protection.
  • Absolutely shatterproof and lighter than glass.
  • Print on fine art photo paper. Especially for processing behind plexiglass.
  • Due to the enormous sharpness, plexiglass pictures have a very high level of detail.
  • In different aspect ratios, in sizes from 20x20cm to 100x250cm.
  • A 3mm thick Alu-Dibond plate is glued to the back.
    This ensures an enormous dimensional stability of the picture.
  • Including our standard suspension with spacer.
  • For panels from 60cm, we recommend a reinforcement, so that one in the material
    Plexiglas, justified natural curvature can be counteracted.
    We offer an aluminum suspension system as reinforcement.
  • Optionally, you can also order your pictures without hanging them.

Price lists

We have the price lists centrally on our Nextcloud. As soon as you give us a inquiry we will send you a link and a password.

Types of suspension

Standard (mirror plates)

The standard suspension is with additional
Spacers at the bottom of your picture
fitted. These guarantee you
all around the same distance to the wall.


Without suspension

Do you have other plans with your product,
you can also choose not to use a suspension



On request, we can provide your panels with


Aluminum frame

Our aluminum frame suspension is especially for
large formats suitable. It gives your image
not just the floating impression but
also stability.

Stainless steel spacers

Easy installation: mount the holder on the wall and use the
Insert the head through the panel into the holder and with
with the grub screw on the side. Tamper-proof locking.

Spacer aluminum

Easy installation: mount the holder on the wall and use the
Screw the head through the panel into the holder. Fingerprint resistant.