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Fully automated order and print data submission for Shopify and WooCommerce

A perfect customer journey and a maximally optimized workflow for your POD store.

Shopify plugin

We support automatic print data capture for Shopify plugins from teeinblue, customily and posterly. Of course you can also store your static print data.

Target groups

Our plugins can be used for various industry solutions:

Photographers - photo art

Embedding in WooCommerce stores - also with gallery plugins. Sale of photographic art as static works. The print data can be stored directly in the plugin.

Photo studios - laboratories - photo stores

Our WooCommerce plugin can also show an upload field on the product page. The image uploaded by the end customer is transferred to us and sent directly to them. Either us as the sole service provider or as a supplement and portfolio expansion.

Print On-Demand Shops
Mechandise stores

For stores that manually customize and upload designs for their customers in the background. For the automated version we recommend the realization via a Shopify store in connection with one of our supported plugins like teeinblue, customily or posterly, because here the print-ready files are created directly by the store and transferred to us.

Artists - Artist portals

Artists who have digitized their manually created works and sell them online, or artists who want to market their directly digitally created art.

Labels plugin

To transfer the customer data we use a separate plugin that uses the data to create the label, sends status emails to the end customer (with your logo), provides a personalized tracking portal (also with your logo) and also changes the store status as soon as we print the label.

Product Mapping

Link your products with ours conveniently via field selection.

File handling

Upload static works | Upload file by end customer | Upload after order by you | Handover from third party apps like teeinblue, customily or posterly.


Select per product when the order is transmitted to us: immediately after ordering, after payment by the end customer or manually.


We stay in the background and do not impose templates. You design your store yourself.