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Roll paper has a strong curvature after printing, which is difficult to further process. To tame the paper, roll it up against the direction of travel.

We only use the deroller on very strong recalcitrant papers, as we suspect that this bending may not be good for the print in the long run.
But others may judge here.

Most derollers cost but from a certain size quickly over 300€. We show here an inexpensive alternative.

What you need: (material depending on quality and dimension around 80€.

z. B.: Stainless steel V2A, 42.4cm diameter, 2.0 mm thickness, mirror polished, V2A, AISI 304, up to 1500 mm length.
With the supplier mentioned below, you can determine the length yourself:
Item no.: RR-424P.1
In our configuration it cost 23€.

On request 2 end caps for 5,36€
Item no.: MD_30011_AK

Vinyl, length as desired, about 18€ depending on length and width.
z. B.

The challenge will be to get a smaller piece of vinyl, since a whole roll doesn’t pay off.

Double-sided adhesive tape, extra strong, thin
z. e. g. 3m:

Parcel tape, vinyl!!!
Glass cleaner
Velcro tape (We are still looking for a self-snapping tape like Epson used to sell as an add-on.

Place end caps straight and evenly on the pipe and drive in firmly and evenly with a rubber mallet. Do not tilt the end piece or it will be difficult to get it out again.

Degrease pipe with glass cleaner.

Cut vinyl straight and align on a table. Coated side up, as this sticks better.

Apply double-sided adhesive tape straight. Let end 1cm before the end of the vinyl edge.

Place the tube at the end of the vinyl and roll it onto the vinyl so that there is only a 1 cm edge. Press firmly and allow to set for a few minutes.

Then use the parcel tape to secure the edge of the vinyl. Press firmly. It is best to degrease again before gluing. Cut off any excess adhesive tape.

Roll up tube about 3 turns and then draw a good visible line with a ruler. This will be the maximum unwind length so that no tape can be pressed through.

Remove the bulge from the roll paper:

Unroll the deroller according to the print length.

Place the well-dried print on the vinyl against the bending direction.

Cover (underlay) printed side overlapping with inexpensive paper (e.g. 90g CAD paper) so that nothing sticks to the vinyl.

Carefully roll up and secure the rolled up deroller with Velcro.

Maintain this position for between 2 and 30 minutes, depending on the paper.


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