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Certificates and edition control for your photo prints

By 24. August 2022Uncategorized

Photographers who want to exhibit images or sell works can increase the value and authenticity of the prints by issuing certificates.

Hahnemühle has produced a handmade paper that is well suited to this purpose. It is equipped with a Hahnemühle watermark.

However, the hologram stickers make the whole thing round. Here are two pieces each executed with the same serial number. One is glued on the certificate, and the other matching on the print.

This means that the certificate can always be clearly assigned to the print.

As an option, you can also register the work on a platform from Hahnemühle. ->

Please click on the pictures on the right to enlarge them.

You can find the set to print yourself in the artidomo store: click

On the basis of this product we offer a certificate issuance by us, in which we note and ensure the circulation strength reported by the photographer.

We laminate a counterpart of the certificate on the back of the artibond, on which all the data is noted again in addition to the edition number, and indicate the control with our signature.

In addition, the certificate and the sections on the artibond are still embossed with our logo.

This entire process emphasizes the value of your prints and helps you market your work.

The prices depend on the print run and will be published in the next few days.

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