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Hahnemühle Portfolio Boxes

By 24. August 2022Uncategorized

Some time ago I tried to get one from the last edition of Hahnemühle Portfolio Box Sets. But unfortunately, all the offers that still had it listed were only with shortages.

Now Hahnemühle has reissued the set with 3 different types of paper, each with 50 A3+ sheets. There are still a few cotton gloves, unfortunately not for my 9 1/2 er hands. But you have them in the house anyway.

Also included in the set are separator sheets and certificates with holograms. Probably intended more to get to know in the small number of pieces.

I was surprised when my wife received the boxes today. Very heavy the single box, and this is not only due to the paper. The box is really sturdily designed and with noble surface.

Certainly not a replacement for a mobile folder, but if you want to present or archive prints on site just right.

Also a great gift. Link to the store: click

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